OER – Exciting new Explorations

I am interested in exploring how I may best use OERs as a math educator. I am not sure where this will lead me, but I will remain open to all posibilities. Mainly, I want to do what is best for my students and their education. This semester I have my calculus students exploring various online “supplements” to the course and evaluating the resources throughout hte semester. I want to get a feel for what they feel is valuable from a learner’s point of view, and likewise what is not valuable.
I have my reservations though. As a teacher I have always been teaching from a traditional textbook, and as a student, I have always relied on a traditional textbook. I want to make sure any change I make will not hinder my students ability to meet all the course objectives. Oh and part of it is just plain old fear of change! I also have very little knowledge with technology, etc. which concerns me greatly. I have a huge amount to learn.
Overall I am excited about this, and look forward to what the future holds.


One thought on “OER – Exciting new Explorations

  1. I love that you are already involving your students in this process. It will be very interesting to see how they respond — whether they take to the online resources, whether they might need some support in maybe adjusting how they study, prepare for class, etc.

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