The looooong process continues

I have been exploring what seems like lots of open sources – textbooks and videos mostly, and some applets. There is a LOT out there, and trying to sort through all the good and the not-so-good is a long process, while I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of OERs and how I can best utilize them. The hard part is trying to find how all of these can come together into one course that I teach. I feel like I am trying to piece something together from several different sources and make it into a current course and replace the current textbook. I do not have much flexibility in what I cover since it is a part of the math curriculum flow and not a stand-alone course. But, I have found some resources that I like (and some I don’t like). I would love to be able to try to teach a class next school year that is textbook free. So for now, I will continue to explore what is available and start putting together a “complete” course for what I teach, and then propose it to my dean. It has definitely been both frustrating and interesting, but I am enjoying the process.


One thought on “The looooong process continues

  1. It is a lot to juggle Susan. Nicole and I are both pretty well-versed in various programs/add-on/websites that help you organize content, we could chat about that sometime. Also, you probably ran across this one already, but in case you didn’t:

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