OER at Central States Communication Association Convention

In April, I attended two Community College Interest Group panels at Central States. I shared some ideas about developing open resources that might one day be used as a textbook replacement. I discussed some of the frustration I have had with students not buying or using the required textbook. Several faculty expressed similar concerns.  I am going to be working with a couple faculty members from other schools on at least one panel to discuss OER at our convention in Minneapolis next year. 

I also learned about an open source book that is coming close to meeting some of the needs of my class. I was aware of an earlier draft of this book, but this version is much more complete. While it is not exactly a perfect replacement, I could see using a few of the chapters to replace or supplement a textbook’s discussion of some topics. The book is on Wikibooks — http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Survey_of_Communication_Study .