OpenStax Open Textbooks – A Growing Resource

I’m highlighting OpenStax here today because I’ve been watching their work for the past couple of years, and I’m amazed at how quickly they’re growing and at the quality of their titles. OpenStax is an outgrowth of Connexions, a long-standing OER repository and content management system run by Rice University, and supported by a number of different non-profit organizations. OpenStax is a place for instructors who simply want an open textbook that’s ready to go. These textbooks can be adopted as-is, can be edited by faculty adopters through the Connexions website, and are free to use online or downloaded in PDF format. They also have print and bound versions available for purchase (as of now the price varies by title, between around $30 and $60). The quality of these texts is very good. They are authored by faculty and have been carefully edited and peer reviewed. They also have ancillary materials to accompany each text. Currently, 6 titles are available for these courses:
College Physics

Introduction to Sociology


Concepts of Biology (Biology for Non-Majors)

Anatomy & Physiology

Introductory Statistics

And 7 more titles are on the way soon:

Precalculus (summer 2014)

Chemistry (winter 2014)

U.S. History (winter 2014)

Principles of Economics (winter 2014)

Principles of Macroeconomics (winter 2014)

Principles of Microeconomics (winter 2014)

Psychology (fall 2014)

If you give OpenStax College a try, please share your thoughts below!


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