Creating a wiki for OER resources for communication

My latest efforts to use OER’s is to collect resources and tools for content creation using a wiki.

I have been experimenting with wiki and website creation, mostly for creating an online presence for my own use but also aspiring to a wider audience. I experimented with creating an OER website, entitled Basic Course OER, from scratch at Reclaim Hosting. This is a web host that is geared to higher education, offering hosting and domain name service for $12. (Their efforts are a bit of an experiment, so I am not sure this low price will last long.)

I tried creating a Mediawiki-based wiki site there – . Mediawiki is the same base of code that is used for Wikipedia. It was cumbersome to use, and I have found a hosted wiki that is easier to use at Wikispaces. At this site, I am actively developing a wiki devoted to resources for the general education core communication course, This will give me a central point for collecting materials and, since it is a wiki, eventually other faculty can also contribute to it.

Faculty other than communication teachers may be interested in one page of the wiki, which lists sites for on-line content creation. The wiki looks very crude at the moment. I am hoping to spruce it up and add lots of links and content over time.

I know there are repositories for resources and many have clearly marked sections for disciplines such as communication. I think this wiki will have a narrower focus, as it is concerned with the core course in oral communication. I think this will grow in value over time. As I learn about new resources, links will be added to the wiki. I will also add material I generate, probably as PDF’s.

One example of how the resources on the wiki will grow just happened this week. I just returned from the Central States Communication Association convention. While there, I learned that one of the association’s interest group just created a web site for GIFTS (Great Ideas for Teaching Speech). With a wiki, I am able to create a link to that resource in the wiki, making it readily available to others.