New York Times articles on Open Textbook savings

The New York Times just published an article, Putting a Dent in College Costs With Open Source Textbooks, that outlines just how much students whose professors assign open textbooks are saving. This is a great article to share with a colleague who wants to know more about “open source textbooks” or OERs. The author points out that “Textbook costs are particularly burdensome for students at two-year community colleges; the cost, more than $1,300, is about 40 percent of the average cost of tuition, according to the College Board.” Further, as those of us who teach and work in community colleges know, “[Lack of] textbooks can interfere with education. Some students, for instance, may delay buying the required text for a class, and fall behind; or they simply don’t buy it at all, putting themselves at a disadvantage.” Open licensed educational resources can be a great option for faculty who want to save students money, but who also want to have greater control and greater flexibility in the resources assigned to students for reading, viewing or listening. See Kirkwood’s OER guide for more information and resources!


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